Speed and efficiency meet comfort in the world of sock drying. Unravel the secrets to How to dry socks fast with finesse, making life a breeze for even the busiest souls

Wet socks is the term that sends the glitch signals to every cell of your body, and this feeling is not at all pleasing especially when you are running late for the office, school, and university or even for a get-together.

Not only do wet socks disconsolate the foot dermis by trenching the skin and exposing it to blisters, redness, and itching. But this weakened skin can also create a territory for funguses and bacteria where they can grow and reproduce. Well, no one would want that right? 

While you might manage to get your socks dried when you are at the convince of your home. But what if you get your feet sunken while you are on the way to your destination? And there’s no one to help you. 

So here we are to assist you with how to dry socks fast by taking the food from your kitchen, and accessories from your bedroom, and by utilizing modern technologies which you would have never thought of before. 

So let’s not waste time talking and get into Quick Tips to help you dry socks fast. 

1. Get Your Hands on that towel now:

Pick up the towel wherever it is and waste no time because there is not one but multiple ways by means of which you can utilize the towel to help you dry out socks faster. But the most effective among them is the towel roll method and here are its protocols. 

Towel Roll Method 1: 

The first and foremost is to completely wring the socks by twisting them tightly on all sides before applying any method. It will help you at speeding up the socks drying process. 

For the towel roll method, Take a large-size towel and spread it on the ground Small size towel would also work but a larger one is recommended here. Because the larger the towel, the more surface area you get for the water molecules. 

Now place the socks in the center and roll them in the towel. You will be rolling both the towel and the socks here. Imagine making a banana and pancake roll.

Once you make a perfect roll of the socks and the towel, stand on top of it for a while however make sure to balance yourself. Keep the surface area of the towel wide to ensure easy walking. 

Try to put as much pressure as you can to drain out excess water. When you are done standing on one side of the towel, turn it upside down and repeat the process. 

Now unroll the towel, and you get your hands on drier socks. Try emphasizing the edges for better results

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Towel Roll Method 2: 

This method goes the same till the point where you roll the socks and towel, however, instead of standing you can try this. 

Twist the rolled towel until you are sure that all the water has rung. If you feel there is an amount of water still left, twist it again tightly until your socks have no water left in them. 

You might feel your socks are a little colder, but cold is at least better than damp. Both these methods take about 6-10 minutes depending upon the towel size and the intensity of the sock’s wetness. 

Ironing socks while laying them on a towel: 

Ironing socks while laying them on a towel

Ironing is a great idea if you can easily access the technology but ironing damp socks directly can burn them. This is why first drain the socks completely and then put them on the towel. 

The size of the towel isn’t a matter of concern here. Hand or tea towels can be your perfect choice for following this method. Just make sure the socks should not pop outside the towel. Now take another same-sized towel and sandwich the socks in between both towels. 

Start ironing from edge to edge, initially set the temperature low because the vapors would be rapidly extracting and may create a smoke-like effect however after a few sessions it will get to normal. 

This process takes a total of 2-3 minutes and the resulting socks are much drier and wrinkled-free. 

2. Dry socks with a blow dryer!

Towels are handy but if you are looking for a faster drying process that involves the use of technologies then a blow dryer is our first recommendation for you. Don’t get confused by the terms hairdryer and blow dryer. They are interchangeable terms performing the same function

So here’s what you will have to do. 

Method 1: 

Take your socks and squeeze out all the excess water. Once you feel they are good enough to be put on your hands, wear them. Hey but wait! You can’t put both of your socks at one time during the application of this process. 

This is because your one hand will hold the dryer and socks don’t have appendages like gloves so wearing them both is practically impossible. After getting the sock on your hand, spread the fingers to elevate the surface area. 

Now start waving the blow dryer. If you are in a public area and you have somehow managed to find the blower in the washroom then try not to point it directly toward your socks first. This is because it would have dirt stuck in it and could leave spots on your dark-colored socks.


Do not keep the blower closer to your hand, keep turning your hand to avoid heat intake on one side, and don’t exceed the heat. 

Additionally, some socks fabrics like spandex and nylon are also sensitive to heat so you got to take care if you don’t wanna lose your favorite sock pair. (Spandex and nylon are known to give socks elasticity and shape). 

Back to the process: 

Once you get the indication from your fingers that your sock is getting dried, take it off, put it upside down and repeat the process and then follow the same protocol for the second sock. 

An additional layer of blow-drying after taking socks from the hand will also help to fully dry the socks. And if you don’t want to keep your hand at bay here’s an alternative method you can try. 

Method 2: 

Take your socks and insert the blower mouth inside them. Now turn on the dryer and allow the air inside it. This airflow will blow up the sock to the shape of the balloon. And yes! You can’t dry both socks at one time here either. 

Why does this work? 

This process is quick and takes about 1-2 minutes. This is because the sudden air pressure pushes the water molecules to evaporate quickly and leaves no chance for moisture retention. But make sure to keep low heat settings. 

How to dry socks when you don’t have a dryer? 

How to dry socks when you don’t have a dryer? 

The heater, a radiator, or a boiler should be your third recommendation if you don’t manage to find a blow dryer or an iron. This is because this method requires comparatively more effort and time. 

A total of 40-60 minutes are required for socks to get dry if the heater isn’t preheated. 

Dry Socks with Heater/Radiator: 

Did you just think of hanging on the socks on the radiator? Your thought is genuine however research and experiments say that it’s not. Instead of hanging the socks, put them horizontally. 

The socks’ horizontal position will allow the heat to distribute evenly due to the larger surface area. This way you also won’t have a mix of dried and damp portions which you usually get on hanging. 

Keep turning the sides and try not to put cotton socks because they contain breathable fabric molecules that are sensitive to heat and might lose their properties.

Fan dry the socks: 

If you have been bored by the radiator process and are hunting for a quicker method, then try drying socks with a desktop fan. They speed up the drying process by 50% since they keep the air in motion. 

The accelerated air pushes the water molecules pasted as moisture on socks and evaporates them. Once the humidity is gone, you get dry socks. This process also holds similarities with the natural air. 

Try Drying socks with Rice – An unconventional effective method that you would thank us for: 

Rice is not the first recommendation when it comes to drying socks and why would one do that? And where would you find them in areas away from home? But you might not know that rice is great at absorbing moisture. 

They do so by being hygroscopic. This is the quality of matter to absorb water from the surrounding.

What will you have to do? 

dry socks fast

Simply take a container filled with rice and cover your socks in it. Leave them for some time and see the difference. The rice would have absorbed all the sock’s moisture however using the same rice for eating would require you to keep them in the air. 

Can you dry socks in the microwave? 

Yes, you can dry socks in the microwave but we do not recommend it. This is because no sock is made up of microwavable fabrics. 

Ovens or microwaves work by vibrating the objects to ignite heat and initiate the cooking process whereas such activity is not all socks is favorable. 

Socks are mostly built of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex material and all of them are susceptible to catching fire. 

Final Verdict

So winding up our article on “How to dry socks fast”. We hope you would give these methods a try. Keep in mind that the motive behind listing all these methods is to give the socks as much air exposure as possible so that you don’t land in nasty situations. 

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