What is a Sock Tan?

Sock Tan is a term used to define the whitening of the feet that is caused by moisture diffusion between the sock fabric and skin cells due to prolonged contact between them.

What are some common causes of sock tans?

Sock tans usually occur to people who are at school, college, or office or in people who are camping. However, it’s common in anyone who wears socks for longer. Sock tans are also lesser in winter as compared to summer because of the dry nature of the weather.

What is the difference between Sun Tan and Sock Tan?

There is a significant distinction between a sun tan and a sock tan. Therefore, it is important not to confuse their removal techniques. To eliminate suntan lines, it is necessary to reduce melanin production in the skin, as sun exposure darkens the skin. On the other hand, removing a sock tan requires an increase in melanin production to darken the affected area.

What are some best ways to remove socks tan?

Sock tan is common and usually fades on its own. However, if it is severe, it can be treated at home using natural remedies and ingredients found in your kitchen such as baking soda, coconut oil, lemon, honey, cucumbers, ice, potato juice, onion, or milk. Alternatively, you can use tanners to prevent getting tanned in the first place.

Natural Ways To Remove Sock Tan:

Follow the below steps to get rid of sock tan naturally.

1: Exfoliate with Baking Soda:

Exfoliate with Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the ingredient you can blindly trust in this regard. However, don’t apply it directly to the skin as it can damage the skin barrier.


  1. Wash your feet first with Lukewarm water
  2. Take a bowl that has a wider opening for easy mixing
  3. Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it with ¼ cup of warm water. Remember these numbers. However, the quantity can change based on the quantity in which you want to make a paste. Just make sure the paste is neither too thick nor slurry.
  4. Mix the water and baking soda to make a lumps-free paste
  5. Now take the paste and gently rub it on your skin in circles
  6. Better use Pumice stone for rubbing
  7. Now wash it out with warm water and pat your feet with a dry towel

Why Exfoliate?

Exfoliation helps remove the dead cells faster and if combined with baking soda, it speeds up the process.

2: Utilize SunLight to get rid of Sock Tan:

Sunlight is a great way to activate melanin production in the skin because it contains Vitamin D. Expose your feet to sunlight, However, there are some necessary precautions listed below while you do so.


  1. Make sure to apply Sunblock
  2. Apply a mild tanner as well
  3. Make sure you don’t sit for longer on the skin
  4. If any case you sense burning on your feet, immediately get up from there

It’s best to avoid wearing boots/ sneakers or other kinds of shoes that could build up moisture. The best way is to use flip-flops and Slippers.

3: Massage with Coconut Oil:

Massage with Coconut Oil

Massaging with oils such as coconut oil or olive oil can help you even out tan lines. And there also isn’t any hard and fast rule towards its application. Just follow the below-mentioned simple steps.


  1. Wash your feet and the tanned areas with lukewarm water
  2. Pat dry your feet
  3. Turn off the fan for better results
  4. Take in some oil and rub your hands
  5. Now start massaging the tanned areas in a circle to increase blood circulation.
  6. Wear soft and breathable socks once you are done massaging

Why Massage?

It’s always good to indulge in massaging in your skincare routine. Coconut oil is an inexpensive natural beauty ingredient and works well at making your skin tone even.

4: Soak Feet in Milk:

Soaking your feet in milk might look awkward to some but milk can work as a cleaning agent for your skin. Since sock tan is caused mainly due to moisture absorption, Milk can help clean that moisture.


  1. Wash your feet with normal water
  2. Take in a container in which you can perfectly settle your foot
  3. Pour milk into the container and make sure it’s not too cold or too warm
  4. Adding Aloe Vera and Honey can speed up the process
  5. Soak your feet for about 20-30 minutes
  6. Wash with running water once you are done.

Why Soaking?

Soaking your feet in milk can blend out the difference between the tan and non-tanned areas on the skin. If the tan is lighter, you will have to go through this procedure once only.

5: Use Lemon and Honey and Sugar Mixture:

Lemon use as a sock tan removal ingredient might surprise you at first but it’s an excellent skin tone evener and if combined with honey and sugar, it can easily give you astonishing results. Its use is not only beneficial for tan removal but this paste is an excellent homemade beauty enhancer.

Follow these below simple steps to understand its use.


  1. Properly clean your feet first by washing them with plain water and then pat dry with a clean towel
  2. Take a bowl and squeeze a lemon into it. One lemon would be enough however the quantity depends on the size of the area on which you have applied it.
  3. Add approximately honey and sugar by following the formula 1 tablespoon for one lemon and half a tablespoon of sugar.
  4. Sugar does the job of exfoliation here
  5.  Now take the paste and put it on tanned areas. Gently Rub it in circles
  6. Leave for 20-30 minutes and wash.

Why Should I try this?

Lemon, Sugar, and Honey are the three most important organic elements for skin tone enhancement. Use them individually or in combination, they make sure to give you the results you want. This method will not only let you get rid of the sock tan fast, but will also make your skin soft, bright, and clean.

6: Take a Quick Bath: 

You may be surprised at this but honestly, A bath can help you get rid of the tan. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods and take a bath after applying them to you. some methods like the use of honey, lemon, sugar, and baking soda may require you to take an afterbath. 

Inorganic Ways to Get Rid of Sock Tan:

Inorganic ways are the fastest ways to get rid of tans however it’s always advisable not to make them a prime focus.

1: Use Tanner:

Sunless tanner

You can use Sunless Tanners to get rid of sock tans however it’s not a good practice to follow. If you are planning to go out and are looking for immediate ways to remove a tan, in that case, you can go for this procedure.

Sunless tanners can be found in the market the same way other products are found but buy yourself one that matches your skin tone. Also, take your skin type under consideration as well.


  1. Wash the tanned area first. Make sure it’s properly clean
  2. Now take the sunless tanner and put a small amount of it into your hand
  3. Gently apply it on tanned areas
  4. Now massage the tanner smoothly into your tanned areas while moving your fingers in circles
  5. Let the tanner get soak into your cells
  6. Wash it off when it’s dry and see the results
  7. If the procedure doesn’t work, Try exfoliation as a follow-up step

Why Use Tanners?

Using sunless tanner is an inorganic way of getting free from sock tan. It helps to blend the skin in one direction if it matches your skin tone. In case it doesn’t. you can put some on the untanned areas as well.

 2: Cover up with Concealer:

Covering the sock-tanned area with cosmetics such as concealer or foundation can help you temporally at an important outing or in-home occasions.  You can also use bronzer powder.


  1. Wash your feet thoroughly
  2. Apply a moisturizer
  3. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone
  4. Apply it on the tanned area in the first session
  5. Now apply it on the entire legs for the second session to even out.

3: Consult Tanning Professionals:

If you’re struggling with a stubborn sock tan, it may be time to consult a tanning professional for help. They can provide expert advice on how to even out your tan and get rid of those pesky lines.

Whether it’s through custom spray tanning or targeted UV light therapy, a professional can help you achieve a seamless, natural-looking tan. Don’t let sock tan lines ruin your summer look – schedule a consultation with a tanning professional today.


1: Where to get non-Tanning socks?

Socks tan results mostly due to lack of air exchange. If the sock you wear is making a red mark, change it instantly because this mark is an indication that a tan will be formed. So any sock that allows proper air exchange is a non-tanning sock. Find the best moisture-wicking socks in our guide.

2: Can I get Rid of Sock Tan naturally?

Yes! Natural ways to remove sock tan are the use of baking soda, Milk, Aloe vera, Honey, and getting sun exposure.

3: How to get rid of Sock Tan in a day?

Removing a Sock tan in a day depends on the intensity of the sock tan. If it’s less to mild you can easily get it off by using baking soda.

4: Can Cosmetics Treat Sock Tan?

No, Cosmetics can only help you to even out your skin tone but won’t treat it.

5: How long does it take for Sock Tan to go away?

Sock tans getting away depends on its intensity. Dim tan lines can go off in a day while brighter ones can take 3-7 days on average.

6: Can Sunlight help reduce Sock Tan?

Yes, Sunlight contains Vitamin D which can increase melanin production. Melanin is a hormone responsible for skin color. The more melanin production, the darker your skin tone will be.

 7: How can Sock Tan be removed If I am wearing Sun Block?

Sunblocks although are known the block harmful UV rays however they are not capable of filtering out all of them. This is why there your skin does have an opportunity to darken.

8: Are Tan Lines Permanent?

Tan lines of any kind are not permanent however their getting off duration can vary at a time based on its intensity.

9: Can Green Tea help remove sock tan?

Yes, Green tea is a highly rich anti-oxidant. It can play a great role in wiping off the rough dirt-stuck molecules of moisture and letting go of the tan.

Final Verdict:

Congratulations on making it to the end of this article! I tried to sum up all the necessary organic and inorganic methods on “How to get rid of sock tan?”. I know you might have not been able to retain all the information right now and that’s absolutely okay.

Do you know? You can also train your body towards gradual tanning. Are you wondering how? The easy way is to get your body to have gradual sun exposure for a few days. Wear breathable socks, Avoid wearing boots, and take sunbaths.

Wish you good luck and May your socks tan get off faster!

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