Find out why do feet sweat without socks and how you can fix it.

Can unnoticed and common issues cause uncommon and painful problems? Well, a dumb sentence it seems, but it is not. Having sweat on your feet is a common thing. And that is because of fact that our feet constitute more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

Sweat glands function to produce sweat that cools down our body when the temperature is on the rise and also adds moisture to the skin. However, the increase in anything can be fatal. So when sweat is produced excessively, it creates unavoidable complications.

Understanding sweaty feet causes:

Some people face sweaty feet even when they do not wear socks more often. And the irony is that there is no proper guidance to deal with the issue in our day-to-day life. We leave it ignored and make it more complicated than it could be.

That is why we came up with this article under the headline “Why do my feet sweat without socks” to guide you with some tips. We will not only discuss the issue in brief but will also provide you with the methods and medication to avoid the problem. So let’s dive into the topic with the reasons to be blamed.

Reasons for sweating feet:

Why do feet sweat without socks

Reasons! There is not one reason we can blame for sweaty feet even without socks. Some join the dot to genetic inheritance, while others blamed hormonal and physical changes. obesity though not so common but may add to the factors as well.

The rise in the temperature being on top is no way to be ignored. However, we must consider chemical changes in the body and routine life. Diet is also one of the factors. But the most important among them is hyperhidrosis.

Not to scare you by a total medical term, but consistent foot sweating is called hyperhidrosis. This means getting feet sweat without a defined excuse. Normally, the feet do get sweaty due to exercise, a rise in temperature, or any other reason.

But those facing hyperhidrosis have no excuse for their sweaty feet in general. Their feet sweat more than they’re supposed to. Even without socks. So, if your feet sweat way too much than normal that life may seem to combat. Then my friend you are facing plantar hyperhidrosis and need to look for a solution.

We will be discussing hyperhidrosis as a reason for your feet sweating without socks in this article along with the tips that you can follow up as a remedy for it.

Do you know?

Not only socks but most shoes are made with moisture-wicking capabilities. This is the major sale point these days. Their fiber absorbs the moisture keeping the feet dry.

What do feet sweat without socks? Here’s how to fix them.

See a doctor:

Why do feet sweat without socks

A few percent of the population is affected by hyperhidrosis. This is a rare disease in which the feet produce extreme sweat. You may or may not have it. The doctor is the one to decide and help you with the issue.

The doctor will not only check the symptoms, and genetic history but will also do some testing to see if it is normal or not. symptoms, physical exams, patient history, and routine tests may help to diagnose the exact problem. But if you don’t want to see the doctor yet, then you can follow some home remedies.

Home remedies:

1. Maintaining a hygienic routine:

Hygiene is the first and the last treatment for any skin disorder. If you follow it in the first place you will never face the issue.  if you fail to keep a hygienic environment for your skin flora then you will fail to stop infections even after treatment.

For sweaty feet do wash them with an antibacterial soap more often using an antibacterial or an antifungal soap. This will help you a lot in the future. Especially if you have sweaty feet or hyperhidrosis.

Also, Consider herbs and essential oils with antimicrobial properties as they will help to reduce infectious microbes. Pay attention to the toe area. Keep it clean and dry more often as well.

2. Keep a record of the triggers:

You need to find the triggers that cause sweaty feet. Whenever you face an episode of feet sweat then record both the time and the trigger your feet responded to.

For example, anxiety, and physical tension. This may help you not only to avoid the triggers but will determine the next step of your journey. It will also make it easy for your doctor to diagnose the problem and recommend therapy.

3. Stay hydrated:

Hydration is one of the prime remedies for almost every problem that you face. It regulates the body temperature and removes toxic waste and salts. This helps in less sweaty conditions or at least less salty feet. Staying hydrated will solve the problem up to a certain degree.

4. Keep the feet aerated as possible:

Sweat evaporates through the wind, absorbing the moisture and keeping the feet dry. Therefore, if you are wearing shoes without socks then the liners must be breathable enough to allow the air to do its job. Aeration is the first step to follow, but can also make your feet dry and scaly.

Therefore don’t forget to moisturize them with a good moisturizer more often.

5. Soak the feet in black tea:

This one is my favorite remedy, because, I am fond of tea. I keep my feet soaked in a warm water basin with two tea bags, for like 20 minutes. This helps me get relaxed.

Also, it closes the pores of the feet, reducing sweat. So if you face excessive sweat problems then you should try it on a daily basis and check for the results. Certain websites and videos also recommend other herbs, salts, and tea, but I prefer black tea.

6. Iontophoresis:

This is a process in which mild electric currents are used to stop the sweat glands from producing sweat. This blocks the sweat temporarily. This is effective for a few weeks and you have to repeat it every 4-5 weeks. Machines for this procedure are now available in online stores. But it is better to get a recommendation from your podiatrist first.

7. Choose the right socks:

Choose the right socks

Check if your feet sweat the same as in socks as without them. Avoid using synthetic fabric for example nylon as it ensures no breathability. It’s better to use Wool if you are choosing it for winter days. Sports socks for athletic people come with moisture-wicking properties and breathability.

Some socks fabric also consists of anti-bacterial fabric that contains chemicals to minimize bacterial growth. So, if you are planning to wear socks this time then, choose something breathable and with good quality material.

8. Using foot deodorant and antiperspirants:

Even when you see a doctor he will be using deodorants and antiperspirants as an initial remedy.  They block the sweat glands for the time being. But if its feet sweat persists then the doctor might look for any other option.

Using a deodorant will reduce odor from your shoe saving you from your social anxiety and embarrassment. Being habitual in using such products not only avoids complications but also beautifies your hygienic personality.

over-the-counter antiperspirants block the sweat glands with metallic salts. You need to rub it on your feet and toe area properly. If this doesn’t work then the doctor recommends Drysol which is a prescription-strength antiperspirant. It hopefully will help out.

9. Anti-fungal creams:

An athlete’s foot is a fungal disorder caused by wet damp feet. Fungi love to grow on wet areas and make them more smelly than they are. Do not let your foot fungi grow. kill them by applying anti-fungal creams and anti-fungal foot powder on the infected area.

Make sure that you use a cream prescribed by your doctor. And also look for the signs and allergic reactions that it may cause. However, there are over-the-counter medications available that you can look for.

10. Considering your shoe this time:

Going without socks? Then you should be considering the right pair of shoes. Two pairs that you can use alternatively. the shoe fabric maters. Avoid using synthetic fabric, rather go for leather or canvas. The shoes should fit right and shouldn’t create an environment for sweat to produce.

These days, shoes come with soles that absorb excess moisture and reduce sweaty and stinky feet right away. The choice is all yours.

11. Changes to bring in lifestyle when feet sweat without socks:

Our personality and approach determine the daily issues we face. Our daily habits can help us to avoid the issues, most of them, if not all. Lifestyle changes may be helpful. If you want to avoid sweaty feet which are not much curable then you should:

  • Regular walks daily will help your mind and body to be strong.
  • Eating a balanced diet. To ensure proper metabolism and less interference with hormonal changes.
  • Wearing breathable socks and shoes with enough room for the foot.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Wear dry shoes and socks.
  • Having a journal to notice every change in the body.
  • Having a relaxed and calm mind, body, and soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do doctors check for hyperhidrosis?

They use iodine on the feet and let it soak in. Then the cornstarch is sprinkled over the feet. If it turns to dark blue then the doctor will diagnose you with excessive sweat. Medications are then prescribed.

Is hyperhidrosis curable? How is it treated?

Not specifically. It may be treated but can recur. Or cannot be treated as well. Sometimes, it is unavoidable. However, using antiperspirants and topical and oral medications like anticholinergics can help in treating the problem. Sometimes Botox treatment is done as well. In severe cases, doctors prescribe surgeries.  It all depends on the condition of the hyperhidrosis.

What are the symptoms of hyperhidrosis?

Having sweaty feet is the major one. Foot infections, whitish wet appearance on feet skin without a specific reason. Too much foot odor and emotional stress are the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. This can cause social embarrassment, anxiety, and discomfort and can sometimes lead to pain as well.  Before the pain starts to take place you need to uproot the cause, i.e. plantar hyperhidrosis.

What triggers sweaty feet?

Various factors trigger sweaty feet including genes, hormones, and chemical or physical pressure. These triggers may cause your feet to sweat even without shoes in a cool room. Other factors like diabetes can have an effect as well.

Do sweaty socks lead to major complications or not? Or do they have medical significance?

Before looking for the possible answers just imagine the damp, dark, and wet inside of your shoe. your sweat is water and salt. And this is what bacteria and fungi are fond of. They love to feed on the sweat, causing them to grow. Too damp feet may lead to complications like foot odor, and bacterial and fungal infections among which the athlete’s foot is most common.

The stinky feet are another one. Itching and scaling at the very start become an infection later.

Do I need to see a doctor?

Casual feet issues can be treated through regular hygiene. But plantar hyperhidrosis could be not. There are some additional steps that you can take to avoid the issue. but if the problem prevails then you need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Why do feet sweat without socks- Wrapping Up?

Out of numerous sweat glands, our body is blessed with feet sweat glands are of major concern. They keep the body cool in summer, or maybe even when you do rigorous exercise. That is why you may have noticed footprints or more appropriately sweat prints on the floor.

The glands are triggered by various factors under normal conditions. But if they function excessively without a warning then this might be an issue.

They are ignored under normal circumstances unless it becomes unbearable or painful.  Most people think it is a normal thing to face not knowing that if prevails it can harm your body and can have ill effects.

Moreover, sweaty feet are not so cool with socks always damp, shoes slippery, and socks smelly. Therefore, we have jotted down all the important remedies and points regarding sweaty feet in the article “Why do feet sweat without socks”. And we hope that it will be helpful for you.

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