Reviewed- Top 10 Best Army Socks

Socks may sound like light accessory shopping we do occasionally but are still very essential that should be updated routinely. If your socks look dated and you need to buy a new pair, you can experiment with multitudes of styles.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the list of socks we have shared with you at all! Here we are sharing important tips to help you select the best army socks for all your needs. When you go sock buying, you will come across many features that brands claim their socks embody – breathability, sweat-wicking, cushiony, compression, and much more.

You will even encounter army socks with different lengths and thicknesses. Have no worries, because after reading this guide you will get a good idea about what to look out for when you shop for running socks.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Socks: From Style to Functionality to Durability:

There are a variety of patterns for everyone, whether you’re looking for a conventional pair of socks that looks nice and lasts a long time or a sock that bridges the gap between your trouser leg and your footwear in one eye-catching head-turn.

Socks are usually hidden under trousers or pants, so they are an afterthought for many guys. Few people realize that the appropriate socks can improve comfort and give a subtle touch to your entire outfit when picked wisely.

One thing I expect you might not be aware of is that army socks are not only used by the soldiers or people associated in the referred field but are also favored by hikers, mountain climbers/walkers, hunters, and people like you and me can also use them because of its qualities like durability, strength, material, and coziness.

Why do we need the best army socks? 

Asking the question of why I need a thing before buying is a healthy way towards making a worthy purchase. When there are infinite socks varieties available in the online and offline market then why are the army socks standing out? Looks like the voice in your head began to answer but let’s see what research says. 

Army socks come with helpful distinctive features namely inline cushioning, pull-up closure, moisture-wicking, odor resistance, seamless technology, maximum foot protection, and reinforcement. With these socks on, you can confidently say NO to blisters and bruises, fatigue, bad odor, and to the irritating sock tan and say hello to a healthy life. 

5 Benefits of Wearing Army Socks:

  1. These socks are Highly Durable. Buy them for once and you can enjoy their comfort for years to come. 
  2. Protect you from bruises and swelling because they at good at cutting down the friction between your foot and boots
  3. They are odor and moisture-resistant, breathable, and seamless.
  4. Allow proper blood flow by featuring inline cushioning and padding. 
  5. These socks come with interesting ventilation regulators that keep your foot warm in winter and cold in summer. 

Here’s a depth review, let’s get into it, without further waiting and do a valuable purchase. 

Best Army Socks – The 10 top picks:

1. Thorlos Mcb Max Cushion Combat Over The Calf Socks:

Thorlos Mcb Max Cushion Combat Over The Calf Socks
Source: Amazon

We have on our list Mcb socks by Thorlos that have managed to grab a 4.7 rating on Amazon and still going up. What I love about these socks is they have been smartly built with 85% acrylic, 14% nylon, and 1% elastic material. All of them in combination provide better support, stability, strength, and elasticity to the tholos sock.

The cushioned shin, arch, and instep do their job to make themselves your favorite comfort companion. This trio also works well to provide protection against abrasion and higher blood pressure. It also gives you a better fit. 

The socks have been further featured with a ventilation panel by means of which you can regulate temperature and prevent moisture accumulation. As long as you have these socks on, you can say no to blisters and swellings. The order resistance feature further adds to your confidence to wear them.

Features of Thorlos Mcb Max Cushion Combat Socks:

Maximum Foot Protection:

These socks come with the feature of maximum foot protection. You can wear them with confidence while you are in-field training and combat condition because it lets you have enhanced foot mobility and maintains your foot health as well.

Reinforced Heel and Forefoot:

What I like about Mcb army socks is that they are strengthened by Thorlo’s legendary padding in the toe and forefoot.

These areas are the most sensitive to holes which is why they become vulnerable to blisters and stress. This is why such as padded protection clinically helps to reduce blisters, pain, and pressure

Thorlo- Lon Fibers:

These socks include thorlo-lon fibers that are added for providing superior softness, resilience, durability, and moisture-wicking for having sock tan-free drier feet. These fibers also provide durability to the socks for years.

Spandex top for hold:

Spandex is a non-synthetic fiber material and is well known for providing effortless fitting. It holds the top of the sock for the whole day without suffocating, irritating or rubbing your feet.


  • These socks come with maximum foot protection
  • Has Thorlos padding for reinforcement
  • Protects against blisters and pressure
  • Resistant to odor 
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Comes with cushioned shin, arch, and instep
  • Ventilation panel for temperature control


  • Requires washing precaution
  • Does not contain a pull-up closure.

2. Under Armour Adult Heat Gear Boot Sock:

Under Armour Adult Heat Gear Boot Sock
Source: Amazon

Under Armour boot, socks are one of the best over-the-calf socks that you can find online. For someone involved in a hardcore duty such as rucking, run,ning or longer walks then these socks can help you up there.

They have been built with the 94% of polyester, 4% nylon, and 2% of spandex. This combination can turn great in terms of durability, functionality, and comfort. I really liked the Pull-on closure in these socks. Because it really works great at keeping the socks in place and I can adjust it to the position I want. The pull-up is really easy.

Additionally, they are good at resisting odor and are moisture-wicking. The two things which I mainly want to see under the best army socks, however, do not come with inline cushions but instead, have dynamic arch support for reducing fatigue. 

Features of Under Armour Adult Heat Gear Boot Sock:

Under Armour Sock Train:

These are engineered for adding functionality, durability, and comfort. This section also features arch support and sweat-wicking technologies.

Adding all these under this section is indeed a smart choice because this area gets more pressurized during activity. Moisture-wicking is also great for keeping the foot drier and tan-free.

Under Armour Sock Core:

The core of this sock features quick drying, pull-up closure, and maximized fitting. These can work very well to increase your performance level in the field.

Under Armour Run:

To let you cross distance for instance, their weight is kept lighter. The yarn used is also comfortable and durable. The yarn also does not give you itchy and scratchy feelings.


  • Good for hardcore workers
  • Material is picked smartly
  • Provide greater functionality, durability, and comfort
  • Has dynamic arch for fatigue reduction
  • Has features like order resistance and moisture-wicking.


  • Does not contain any ventilation
  • Do not have cushions

3. Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks:

Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks
Source: Amazon

Say NO to raw legs with Wrangler Men’s Western boot socks. For someone who is looking for good material, perfect fit, durability, comfort, and price in one sock then these socks can be your perfect pick. Built with 80% polyester, 17% nylon, and 3% of spandex material. This combination of the 3 faithfully fulfills all the above-mentioned duties.

Tip: Polyester works great at wicking up moisture.

These socks definitely didn’t go wrong with the comfort because they feature ribbed legs and half-cushioned feet with arch support. Also has a smooth toe seam that reduces bulk and irritations. You would also be happy to know that these socks come in XL size, the size which is usually rare to find.

Technology like moisture-wicking is included however there is no mention of odor resistance or ventilation. And yes it does stay up the leg and its top works to protect socks from slip and bunching.

Features of Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks:

Half Cushion Foot:

You can’t go wrong with picking up these socks on getting extra- comfort bases. It not only has cushions but has padded feet to reduce stress and pressure. It can also protect you from blisters and bruises with its thick padding and keep you active at performance.

Stay Up Top:

This outstanding feature can be termed as an alternative to pull-up closure. It helps to keep the sock in place and protect it from slipping. However, there is no proper mention of whether it can help with easy pulling or not.

Reinforcement and Moisture Wicking:

A combo of moisture-wicking and heel-and-toe reinforcement helps you with keeping your foot dry, and extra cool.


  • Built smartly with a good material infusion
  • Provides a perfect fit, durability, and comfort
  • Are budget-friendly
  • Reinforced heel and toe for lasting
  • Stay up top for slip-free protection
  • Cushioning and padding for extra comfort


  • No mention of order resistance
  • Requires Machine washing

4. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Midweight Sock with Cushion:

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Midweight Sock with Cushion
Source: Amazon

Our other pick of best army socks for you is Darn tough hiker socks. Its main highlight is its comfort and its design favors the people who are on their feet for longer. It is built via 63% Merino wool, 35% nylon, and 2% of spandex material. This material composition makes the socks breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking.

You will find these socks warmer in comparison to others most probably because of the presence of 63% wool material. It further has a midweight with a cushion that provides a mid-level cushion density underfoot.

If we have a look at it keeping its price in the eye, then it gives us quality features however there is no clear mention of socks reinforcement, Pull up closure or stay-up top features from the seller.

Features of Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Socks:

True Seamless Technology:

Talking about the technologies, it features a True seamless named technology whose work is to allow undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel. I found this feature on Darn Tough socks new and try-worthy.

Micro Crew Height:

It has termed its height as the traditional crew height that is shorter and more concise. Its length is a bit longer than the length of a standard hiking boot which is a good thing.

Favors all season:

I liked the way its material is composed to keep your feet warm in winter and cold in summer. This way it easily features all seasons.

No more sweaty feet:

With its fast action wicking, you can no more have stinky and sweaty socks. Moisture-wicking should be kept as prime focus especially if you are a person who is on feet for longer.

And longer exposure to inbuilt sock moisture can lead to irritating itching, rashes, and sock tan however with these socks, you can say No to these problems.


  • Good for people who has more exposure to socks
  • Wipes off sweat and moisture for longer
  • Can be worn in all seasons
  • True seamless technology for having ultra-smooth and invisible feet
  • Great at providing comfort


  • No proper mention of reinforcement
  • No mention of the pull of closure or stay-on-the-top features

5. Darn Tough Boot Cushion Sock for women:

Darn Tough Boot Cushion Sock for women
Source: Amazon

Another participant on the list is a sock by Darn Tough which has been purposefully designed for hiking. Have them on and you would not like to take them off because they really are too comfortable, soft, and breathable. These socks can support up to 9 hours of zero itching, sweating, swelling, and blisters and let you outperform, and over-deliver.

Heading to the material, it’s knitted by the use of 64% of Merino wool, 33% nylon, and 3% lycra spandex. Somewhat similar combination to what we saw in Darn’s tough mid-weight sock and this can also be understood because of the brand being the same. The material is thick but not too thick to irritate.

This one also features a midweight with a cushion for comfort and to provide density underfoot. True seamless technology is included and fast moisture pulls work perfectly however factor heel and toe reinforcement can not be found in it.

Features of Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks:

Ribbed Support:

Darn tough sock material allows no slipping, bunching, or blisters. The wool fiber is also breathable and is capable of keeping the feet cold in summer and warm in winter. It is the factor that really excites me to buy them.

The Ultimate Performer:

There is no doubt that these socks can support you effortlessly through any type of hard extreme conditions. They are comfortable and there is no lie in it. It’s a perfect performance fit.


  • Indeed the best sock for hiking
  • They have a kind of smart thickness.
  • Smart material composition
  •  An end to slipping, itching, and blisters
  • Comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking mid cushioned socks


  • Factors like heel and toe reinforcement could not be found

6. Military Demi Season Breathable Over The Calf Army Uniform Boot Socks:

Military Demi Season Breathable Over The Calf Army Uniform Boot Socks
Source: Amazon

For someone looking out for comfort and warmth at its best, then they can’t go wrong with the Military Demi Season Boot Socks. They are woven with high-quality and durable fabric that is made up of 70 percent organic cotton, 25% Nylon, and 5% Elastane providing an amazing fit for military boots.

 The socks are breathable enough due to the mesh construction which does not retain sweat and odor thus you will feel being at ease even when walking on the road for a long time. They are tall and tend to cover your calf giving a compression-like feel along with the bands

It also works best at securing your feet in a tight fit, especially near the foot and heel providing amazing support and comfort making you excited to jump. These socks are also really easy to clean but need special care. The cotton fabric is made in a way that provides comfort and effective strength on the go.

Additionally, the elastic arc is wide and provides a comfortable fit and no slipping. The toe may rub with the boot leading to wear and discomfort, therefore the toe is designed flat to increase durability and comfort.

Features of Military Demi Season Boot Socks:

Thermoregulation and cushioning:

These fully cushioned midsized socks come with amazing thermoregulation and moisture-drying properties keeping the foot dry and cozy. However, compared to the heavy wool boot socks, these socks are a little on the thinner side which makes them nice wear for people whose feet get sweaty.

 Max airflow/ less sweaty:

The thread of the socks is woven in such a way that it offers more airflow and more sweat absorption preventing the specific odor. You can wash them easily in the washing machine if get dirty but do not iron press them.

 Eco friendly:

A very interesting note is that the Demi Season Army Uniform Boot Socks are eco-friendly which means that the construction of the socks lacks all the environmental pollutants such as dyes and chemicals.

Improvement Over regular socks:

Military Demi Season Boot Socks are an improvement over regular socks and provide value for the buck. They can also be used for casual work throughout the day without an issue, but in such cases, the durability is not very much appreciated by some users.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Breathable
  • Good quality cushioning in the heel and foot region
  • Sweat-free and odor-free
  • Very good for summer use
  • Flat toe design


  • Are not thick enough for frosting temperature
  • Wearing can cause an issue

7. Jefferies Socks men’s Military Uniform all Season Rib Top Crew Boot Socks:

Jefferies Socks men’s Military Uniform all Season Rib Top Crew Boot Socks
Source: Amazon

 If you are looking for warmth, durability, and ease with maximum comfort then Jefferies Crew Boot Socks is a good option to go with. As the fabric is constructed with 80% Cotton and 20% Nylon, it stays resilient and comfortable for a long. 

With the pull-on closure, Jefferies Crew Boot Socks socks are really easy to wear just like ordinary socks however they come with maximum durability and comfort and mold well to the feet to stay in place.

You can wear these mid-weight socks in all kinds of weather but on the downside, they can be felt to be a little thin by some users. However, the same factor along with odor-holding capability and max sweat absorption makes them ideal use for summer, keeping the feet dry and at ease for many hours. 

Features of Jefferies Socks men’s Military Boot Socks

 Half cushion foot padding:

The Jefferies Crew Boot Socks are not only comfortable, but with incredible half-cushioned foot padding, it absorbs shock thus increasing the impact allowing you to walk miles and keep your feet stay away from sores and blisters.

Moreover, the ribbed cuff support keeps the sock in place not letting it slip for a second, increasing the strength and stability.

 Durable, breathable, and comfortable:

The 80% Cotton keeps your feet at ease in the boots. The socks are well-knitted making them durable and breathable, keeping out the odor and sweat and not letting you feel the urge to itch your foot even for a bit.

Designed for military boots:

Ideally, Jefferies Crew Boot Socks are designed for military wear and come in colors that go well with the uniform and combat boots. But the comfort, quality, and value make it a perfect fit in all circumstances therefore you can also wear them for work, hiking, trekking, and sports, etc.

Ribbed support top:

The socks come with elastic ribbed cuff support due to which they stay fit to the feet and in place. This makes them good for you if you tend to use them in boots for a longer period.


  • High-quality cotton blended fabric
  • Elastic ribbed top support to lessen readjustment
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Cushioned foot padding
  • Thermoregulation and sweat evaporation
  • Reduce the risk of sores and blisters


  • The socks come in 3 pairs (6 socks) instead of 6 pairs
  • They are thin enough

8. Smartwool Trekking Crew Socks – Men’s Heavy Cushioned Wool Performance Sock:

Smartwool Trekking Crew Socks – Men’s Heavy Cushioned Wool Performance Sock
Source: Amazon

The Heavy Cushioned Trekking Crew Socks designed by Smartwool are pairs of thick, warm, and cozy socks perfect for mountaineering, hiking, and other strenuous sports. They are designed to provide comfort and strength so that it does not let you feel a slight soreness while walking down the rough terrains.

Also, the thickness and comfortable cushioning in the heels and forefoot of the socks tend to provide maximum shock absorption and comfort. They are so comfy that with them you can easily wear stiff boots for a longer time.

It also features a toe knitted flat enhancing the level of comfort while the elasticized arch brace support allows the socks to mold with your feet easily, staying secure to your feet. As far as the fabric is concerned it consists of 70% merino wool yarn, 29% nylon, and 1% spandex. With extra softness, comfort, and durability increasing the strength and impact.

The fabric is breathable as well; it reduces the odor issues and dries up sweat, keeping your feet odor-free and dry.

Features of Smartwool Trekking Crew Socks:

Durability and warm insulation:

Smartwool Men’s Trekking Socks are designed for more durability and the thickness keeps the feet dry and warm. Thus allowing you to get ready for all the exercises you’ve been planning for.

Secure fit:

Due to the Merino wool construction, they are very easy to mold to your feet and stay secure. They are also comfortable for casual wear.

These socks are on the thicker side keeping the feet warm, a thicker sock doesn’t go well with slippers and Crocs but it is perfect for mountaineering, or military boots.

Indestructawool technology: 

The fabric mesh is constructed in a way that makes it breathable and durable so that you can easily wear them all day long. And also it avoids the chances of blisters and swelling.

Easy to clean:

The Smartwool Trekking Crew Socks are not only easy to wear but easy to clean as well as the fabric is machine-washable but the bleaching may harm the quality.


  • Warm insulation
  • Enough cushioning and keep feet dry
  • Very tall and thick
  • Enough durability and support
  • Comfortable wool construction
  • Enough breathability for long wear


  • Thickness can be too much for some users
  • Stitching could be a little better

9. Alvada 80% Merino Wool Hiking Socks:

Alvada 80% Merino Wool Hiking Socks
Source: Amazon

The Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks comes with 80% Merino Wool along with a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex that makes them usefully warm and comfortable while trekking, mountaineering, or walking on a rough road.

They securely mold to the foot and with the non-slip tech stay fit, avoiding the need for readjustment so that you cover miles with confidence. The best use of these socks is in winter when your feet feel cold even in boots, these socks with the thick texture and cushioned heels keep your feet warm and at comfort.

Due to the intelligently woven mesh, it allows better ventilation through the channels enhancing breathability and comfort. They are the best fit for someone who often goes on rough terrains while hiking

The most likable thing about these socks in my opinion is the comfort and coziness, giving you enough warmth while keeping all the moisture out and keeping your feet dry for a long period.

Features of Alvada 80% Merino Wool Hiking Socks

 Itch-free nylon material:

The high-quality itch-free nylon material in the Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks used in the sock’s construction will allow you to enjoy continuous and unbreakable adventures.

 High cushioning in the food bed:

Walking on rough paths can cause pain and fatigue. But the socks provide comfortably cushioned footbed and heel support along with maximum thickness and warmth to your feet for the whole winter session.

Secure grip:

The socks are not only comfortable but offer arch compression for amazing grip and support. The easy-to-wear construction adds to the breathability and sweat evaporation is the cherry on the top


  • Additional heel support
  • Secure fit with no readjustment needed
  • They are warm for winter days
  • Comfortable and breathable to wear
  • Soft inner and merino-wool touch


  • Are not suitable for high temperature
  • Durability may be an issue for some

10. Wigwam Hiking Outdoor F6077 Sock:

Wigwam Hiking Outdoor F6077 Sock
Source: Amazon

As the last nominee on this list, I would like to introduce Wigwam Hiking Outdoor F6077 Sock with synthetic fiber for additional durability and breathability. The socks have the amazing capability of not retaining moisture and efficient drying. Also, it is very comfortable to wear in a long run

It ensures maximum blood flow reducing swelling and minimizing the chances of fatigue and blisters. Moreover, enhanced airflow improves sweat evaporation and helps in keeping the feet odor-free.

They are an amazing pair of handcrafted socks for outdoor wear or strenuous exercises with synthetic fabric constructed with durable material that constitutes 32% Polypropylene, 29% Acrylic, 23% Nylon, 15% Polyester, and 1% Spandex maximizing strength and efficiency.

The thickness is also very satisfying as they are plump and cushioned specifically in the heel and foot area which lessens the pain of a strict military regime. However, it is not as warm as Merino wool when it comes to frosting temperature.

Features of Wigwam Hiking Outdoor F6077 Sock:

Enough cushioning:

The cushioning under the foot reduces the risk of fatigue and blisters. These socks are cushioned just as required in the foot and sole area providing comfort and ease

Reinforced heel panel:

The heels of these midweight wool-free socks rub with military boots and tend to wear a lot. Therefore to avoid this issue the socks are reinforced with synthetic nylon in the heels zone adds up to the stability of the socks making it worth the spent money.

Ultimax moisture management:

The mesh of the socks is highlighted with Ultimax moisture management involving the hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that maximize the seat evaporation keeping your feet dry.

This along with the Enhanced breathability and thermoregulation reduces the risk of blisters and odor. You can wear them for multiple days when out on rough trails.


  • Amazing cushioning in the heel and under the foot
  • Heel reinforced with synthetic nylon
  • Breathability and moisture-wicking mechanism
  • Mold very well to the foot
  • Comfy from inside


  • It may slip or slide down
  • Not as comfy as Merino wool-blend

Buying Guide- Best Army Socks

Consider the below mention facts before heading to buy army boot socks because not all socks are created the way.

1. Understand the sock type and its use

There are mainly five types of army socks that are most common. You might have heard its short forms or long forms of a few of the types. Below is a comparison table to help you clearly understand the sock type and its use.

Sock typeUses

Combat / Military Boot Socks

  • Suited for any kind of climate
  • Gives extra protection

Desert Boot Socks

  • Suited for the hot Season
  • Top pick for dessert

Military Boot Socks

  • Suited for any climate or terrain
  • Are of mid-calf length

Anti- Fatigue Boot Socks

  • Suited for all kinds of weather
  • Has over the calf length- (Extra leg support for hours)

Physical Training Socks

  • Suited for all seasons
  • Durable – Can withstand any kind of physical pressure

2. Choose the right material

It is essential to keep a keen eye on the army sock material and choose the one that best suits you and your environment. Army socks are mainly composed of natural and synthetic fibers. The natural fibers are cotton, wool, and silk while non-synthetic are nylon, polyester, and Spandex. These are the names that you would have heard in the above-listed products however mentioned below are the three most common ones.


  1. Suited for areas having a moderate temperature zone
  2. Best for blisters and bruises protection
  3. Are Breathable, natural, and moisture wicking


  1. Suited for areas having extreme weather such as extreme cold or extremely hot.
  2. Wool army socks are of two types. Thin wool socks and thick wool socks. The thin military boot socks are best for hot weather since they are breathable and order resistant while the latter is best for cold weather.
  3. The wool socks are best acknowledged for insulation, moisture-wicking, order resistance, breathability, softness, comfort, and antimicrobial features


  1. Suited for areas having moderate to hot weather
  2. Best known for effortless fitting.
  3. They have an amazing stretch compatibility
  4. Are highly durable
  5. Allow mild compression to alleviate pressure off the feet

Other Features to look for in a good army sock:

Socks Compression

Sock compression refers to the gentle pressure that is applied on the legs and ankles in order to promote blood flow. This blood flow helps to reduce the pain and swelling. However, it’s advisable to not go for socks that are highly compressed because they can cause irritation.

Socks Thickness

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the right sock thickness. Because sock thickness is entirely dependent on the type of weather you are in. and it’s also a personal preference so you can confidently go for the one that falls right to your personal assessment.

Quick Tip:

A sock with thick and tough material in the heels and toe can help you walk at a pace and also protect these sensitive areas from bruises. Thick material in the heels can also help to reduce swelling that is caused due to excessive walking.

Odor Resistance:

I expect I don’t need to explain why one hates odor but I can help you with choosing the order-resistant socks. Sock materials like wool, nylon, and spandex contain specialized forms of fibers that repel order molecules. These socks can protect you from embarrassment in front of your friends at times when you need to get them off for any reason.

Arch Support:

Arch support is linked with sock compression. The higher the compression, the better will it provide support to the arch. It also helps in normalizing the blood flow which reduces foot pain. Usually, nylon-made socks are known for providing better arch support.

Heel and Toe Reinforcement:

Sock Reinforcement in simple terms refers to the strength or support a sock can provide. Heels and toes require greater reinforcement because they are most susceptible to hole formation. With good reinforced socks on, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Underfoot Cushioning:

Having socks that have underfoot cushioning is not only ideal for providing comfort but also adds an additional layer of insulation and shock resistance. These socks are great picks for long walks.

Moisture Resistance:

Try to have socks that do not keep the moisture retained instead reflect it outside. Moisture retained in socks not only leads to bad odor but also keeps you at risk of “sock tan” formation.

To prevent yourself from sock tan, follow our guide to get rid of a sock tan. It can help you add knowledge in fighting off the nasty tan.


Thank You for making it to the end of this article.

So above were our top picks for the top 10 best army socks and as evident from its descriptions, all of them had their good and bad points. However, you can choose the one that falls right to your budget and need.

Good luck with your purchase! 

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