Do you not presume the feeling of having arch support in your socks? It literally can change your perspective about footwear. Trying arch support will make you have fashionable faux but functional socks in your wardrobe. It saves you from foot fatigue, swelling, and pain. It balances your body and provides the additional comfort you need with shoes or without them.

The foot carries the whole weight. And the arch balances the pressure. Walking all day long can cause sprains in the areas of the knee, feet, and heels. This can be problematic sometimes. Therefore, having arch support in the socks can be the best experience.

So, if you are confused about purchasing the best arch support socks, then you should go through this article. This article deals with the best arch support socks you can find online. It also will answer the multiple questions roaming around your head. 

The Benefits of Socks with Arch Support for Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Socks with arch support are perfect for people with an active lifestyle. If you do walk a lot or suffer from pain or Plantar Fasciitis then you should exchange your ordinary socks with the ones having arch support. Plantar Fasciitis is a medical condition that causes terrible pain in the heel. 

Though using the arch support is not proven to be the exact cure for the condition it may help in alleviating the symptoms up to some extent. Therefore, using arch support is a primary choice to treat various foot ailments.

Various manufacturers these days are diverting their attention to functionality along with fashion. Socks are designed with arch support that supports your feet’ arches and relieves major foot pain. It adds some extra cushioning, distributing the pressure evenly to different areas of the foot. In this way, it provides additional stability and balance. It maintains the proper alignment of the body.  It not only benefits people with foot ailments. But also reduces the swelling and soreness from continuous activity. 

Does the arch support work?

The arch support of the socks fills the gaps in the foot arch. It maintains stability and balance. This way a wide range of people benefits from socks with arch support. The common among these is old people, athletes, pregnant women, people with active lifestyles, etc.

People who stand for a long duration have poor blood circulation. This gives rise to swelling, fatigue in the lower legs, and pain. For such people, a combination of compression socks with arch support lies perfectly. Compression socks improve the movement of blood and body fluid. This reduces inflammation and swelling. They fit well. Their use is preferred for a workout due to their comfort level.

Different Types and Features of Socks with Arch Support Available in the Market:

You will find a multitude of options both online and offline. Each is designed differently to benefit different foot types. The construction designs provide comfort and lessen the pain. Meanwhile, the use of multiple fabric blends increases efficiency.

It offers additional properties like sweat-wicking, shock, and impact absorbance. However, the beautiful designs and multiple color option is the cherry on top.  In conclusion, it is important to have an amazing pair of socks with good arch support.

Reasons to use arch support in socks:

  • You have an active and sporty lifestyle, like running, athletics, etc.
  • Facing foot or heel pain after running or activity
  • Facing trauma, injury, or any other medical condition
  • If you have a flat foot
  • You just want to feel comfortable while exercising or being active 
  • Stay standing for long hours

How will it benefits you:

  • It will provide you with comfort and stability
  • It improves balance and posture
  • Improve circulation ensuring fast recovery
  • Enhances motion along with enough shocks absorption
  • Reduce swelling and abrasion
  • Fit to provide you with comfort.
  • It will provide additional properties
  • Makes you feel amazing

What options to choose from?

If you have an active or sporty lifestyle and looking for. Then here we offer you some legit options with the best arch support to be considered. So let’s just plunge into them and find the right fit for you:

1. Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Socks:

Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Socks
Source: Amazon

Do you want effective arch support? Giving you instant relief from pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis? Try Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Socks. These toeless foot sleeves evenly distribute pressure across your whole foot giving you a comfortable feel.

The intelligently designed fabric blended with spandex and nylon provides the required compression and stretch. It reduces swelling and soreness. It relieves symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Spurs, and plantar fasciitis.

They are very well-stitched, comfortable, and durable. Targeting the ankle to the metatarsal area of the foot gives the right amount of compression. They are highly recommended for anyone suffering from an ankle sprain. The socks snug the foot perfectly and don’t restrict movement. The features of the socks include:

Breathability and moisture-wicking:

The fabric is constructed with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex with sweat absorbance properties. It gives you dried and less sweaty feet along with less odor.

Durable stitching and non-slip design:

Wear them with confidence. With a no-slip cuff, they will not slip down your foot for long. They’re also really very stylish to match your outfit and give you style and comfort all at once. The fabric knot increases the compression on the foot allowing good blood circulation.

Proper cushioning:

The socks come with no padding but proper thickness. This increases comfortability. They snug your foot perfectly ensuring minimal to no discomfort. The level of comfort makes it easy to wear them at night as well.


  • Good quality product
  • Instant relief and comfort
  • Instant pain relief
  • Dry and warm feet
  • Enough padding
  • Enhanced durability


  • It may be tight for a wide foot
  • sizing can be an issue for small foot

2. FOOT PLUS Cushioned Sole Arch Support Socks

FOOT PLUS Cushioned Sole Arch Support Socks
Source: Amazon

Molding the metal yarn with 98% Polyester, 2% Elastane has been used to enhance blood circulation in the foot area. The foot plus copper ankle socks are designed intelligently with the best possible comfort.

The fiber absorbs moisture and keeps your feet odor-free and dry even in the hot summer. The fabric of the heel and toe are reinforced to provide the needed comfort and durability. These socks are also very easy to wear. The additional properties of the socks make them one of the best arch support socks for the price.

Use of copper fabric:

Copper is a great metal with high conductance. This property is used to improve blood circulation. This also reduces sweat retention and gives a smooth and comfortable texture to the socks.

Secure fit:

foot plus copper ankle socks are designed for athletic personnel. The extra cushioning feels good while running. However, the arch and ankle compression gives a sense of security. The socks are designed non-slip to relieve you from the need for readjustment. It also reduces the friction between the foot and socks to avoid blisters formation. 

Blood circulation:

It enhances blood circulation for instant relief, with much fewer cramps. Perfect for hiking, climbing, walking, and working all day long. They are lightweight and warm with a nice and snug fit. They are comfortable and soft.


  • Comfortability and softness
  • Valuable quality
  • Fit perfectly
  • No blister formation
  • Enhanced compression
  • Lightweight and warm


  • A little expensive
  • Not for too much stinky foot

3. Plantar Fasciitis Athletic Cycling Ankle Compression Socks:

Plantar Fasciitis Athletic Cycling Ankle Compression Socks
Source: Amazon

For an athletic person who wants some reliable socks with the best arch support. The Ankle Compression Socks are the best option to consider. These low-cut running socks are constructed with 85% Nylon, and 15% Polyester blend offering mild compression for the feet. The stitching is of premium quality and very durable. 

It is best suitable for the ones looking for effective arch support. It distributes pressure, helping increase stability, and reducing the pain caused by excessive activity or standing all day long. The low-cut design makes them perfect for trainers and sports shoes. They are the best way to go for an athletic person.

The compression and arch support:

The foot compression arch on the socks enhances the blood flow, giving instant relief. It stables the arch and helps you move fast with no discomfort. It is best for cycling and running. The socks stay secure to the foot.

Durability and comfortability:

The reinforced toe and heels of the socks provide unsurpassed comfort throughout. It also absorbs moisture and ensures enough breathability. This makes your foot dry for a long time without getting an odor. 

Be confident, be active:

The socks ensure compression and support for instant relief. The softness of the sole makes you move confidently. The thick cushioning enhances the shock absorbance. It feels good to your feet while traveling, gyming, or standing for long hours. 

Heel tab: 

The heel tabs give a secure fit. It ensures more stability, Non-slip wear, and free movement.


  • Great stability and support
  • Non-slip design 
  • Non-restricted movement
  • A moderate amount of compression
  • Maximum arch support
  • High comfortability level


  • To thin for cold environment
  • Moderate compression

4. Saucony Cushion Performance Athletic Sport Socks:

Saucony Cushion Performance Athletic Sport Socks
Source: Amazon

For those who require amazing arch support with a no-sweating design, the Saucony performance socks are a great choice. It is for the ones who get their feet sweaty more often. Or someone facing hyperhidrosis will simply love them. The Moisture Management system offers the best ventilation and reduces moisture. It ensures no odor and saves your day.

The cushioning is targeted in pressured areas and provides great stability and comfort. The fabric is constructed with 8% Polyester, 2% Spandex. The arch support improves stability and Secure Fit. The toe seems not to rub thus ensuring durability and no irritability. Saucony women’s performance socks are a perfect combination of comfort and support. 

Great for training:

These Saucony socks are perfect for rigorous activity. This has been ensured through the highly cushioned sole. This gives them many shock-absorbing properties, them being perfect for sports.

Mesh Ventilation Enhances Breathability and Comfort.

The mesh fiber allows air movement that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry for the long run. This keeps you running without a pause for a brief moment.

Arch support system:

For stability, the socks come with amazing arch support. It not only provides shock absorbance but also doesn’t let the socks skip. Even a little bit.


  • Maximum shock absorbance
  • Enough cushioning
  • Good ventilation for a dry foot
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Good arch support
  • Perfect for the training exercise


  • Fabric quality could be a little better
  • Pay attention to the size

5. Cooplus Ankle Socks With Arch Support:

Cooplus Ankle Socks With Arch Support
Source: Amazon

Constructed with Polyester Fabric, Spandex, and Nylon the Cooplus Men’s Ankle Socks are one of the premium choices. These athletic socks come with mesh zones for breathability to ensure max ventilation. This improves sweat absorption and reduces unwanted foot odor.

The socks come with extra cushioning in the sole region. This reduces the pressure from the areas of high impact making it comfortable for you to walk or run. The heel tabs keep the socks in place. However, the fabric allows high stretching and moisture-wicking properties.

Among all these the best is having greater arch support alleviating the pain and discomfort, making it easy for you to walk miles with ease. This is a great pair of socks that fit well. 

Corpus athletic heel tab:

This tab keeps the socks in place. It snugs the ankle comfortably.  It is easy to pull and protect the ankle from blisters formation. These socks avoid friction with shoes that can result in blisters formation. Blisters can be a great discomfort and shall be avoided when it comes to athletic sports.

Low cut height and arch support:

The socks feature a low-cut height. This makes them perfect to be worn with running shoes, sports shoes, or for athletic sports. They are also very comfortable for strenuous exercise. This is because of the amazing arch support. 

Anti-slip design:

The socks stay in place inside the shoes. It snugs your foot and needs no readjustment.

Ventilation Zone and Reinforced Heel and Toe: 

The ventilation in the stitch design of the socks improves the breathability and moisture-wicking without too much thickness to the socks. Whereas, the reinforced toe and heel provide shock absorbance along with high support.


  • Secure fit
  • high shock absorbance
  • good arch support
  • maximum ventilation
  • dry and comfortable feet


  • The amount of polyester is not liked by some users
  • The durability of the fabric may be a question

6. PEDS Coolmax Socks with X-Wrap Arch Support:

PEDS Coolmax Socks with X-Wrap Arch Support
Source: Amazon

For anyone seeking additional arch support with good moisture-wicking fabric, we recommend PEDS Women’s Coolmax socks. The socks have a very comfortable and no-slip design. It comes with an exclusive x wrap-around arch support.

This saves the socks from slipping and sliding, to ensure no discomfort. It also distributes and minimizes pressure on the feet giving instant relief from pain. The Latex-free fiber of the socks constitutes 39% Coolmax Polyester, 39% Cotton, 20% Polyester, and 2% Lycra Spandex. It is very lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Also, the durability is matchless.

The sock’s fabric keeps your feet dry and sweat-free. It not only stays secure to the foot but avoids blisters formation, by allowing you to move freely. The low-cut design makes it perfect for athletic and sports shoes. 

High-quality fiber:

The PED fiber fits your feet and stays there for a long time. The durability is ensured with intelligent designs. It offers comfort, style, and durability all at once.

Free movement:

The socks allow you freedom of movement. It ensures no rubbing and friction. So that you can walk on any trail with much more confidence than ever. The socks are lightweight and breathable ensuring maximum breathability. Though they are cushioned in the heel and ball area but still feel comfortable to wear.  They are very comfortable and a perfect go for sweaty feet.


  • Enough cushioning
  • High breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Low-cut height for shoes
  • Perfect for exercising


  • It may be too thin for some
  • They may slide down the narrow ankle

7. Athletic Running Low Cut Arch Support Sports Socks:

Athletic Running Low Cut Arch Support Sports Socks
Source: Amazon

For someone looking for comfortable fabric with breathability Felicigeely running socks is a great option. It consists of 78% Polyester, 12.5% Spandex, and 9.5% Rubber fabric. The fabric offers great moisture-wicking and breathability. The socks are structured for good elasticity to capture your feet in a secure fit. Moreover, the reinforced toe makes sure to prevent blister formation from long day runs.

The best part is the cushioning and high cuff support. This makes them the best use for athletics and sports. They keep the feet dry. Provide a non-slip design and a back tab to stay fit to the foot. The tightness is just as required and does not leave a mark due to the tight fit. These no-show socks can be a perfect buy if you want to support your arch while going out for sports.

An extra layer of cushioning:

Add an extra layer of cushioning to your shoes with these low-cut no-show socks perfect to provide you the freedom of movement so that you enjoy long runs without feeling fatigued or getting blisters on the foot.

Shock absorbance and breathability:

The padding and cushioning offer quality shock absorbance to keep your feet at ease. However, the breathable fabric keeps your feet dry and warm for hours.

Non-slip design:

These low-cut socks give you a non-slip secure fit. They stay put on your feet while rigorous workouts and can be the best buddy all along.


  • great comfortability
  • great value for the price
  • soft and stretchy
  • high breathability
  • a good amount of support
  • easy to wear


  • May develop holes after rough use
  • They may come extra-large or too small

8. Saucony Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks:

Saucony Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks
Source: Amazon

Here we have another recommendation from Saucony’s club, the Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks. The socks are made with 98% Polyester, and 2% Spandex, enduring maximum comfort.

The sock includes a heel tab design that stays secure to your foot. It also allows movement and freedom while running, cycling, or exercising. They are very comfortable with a seeming toe that reduces irritation caused by friction between the socks and the shoe.

Great cushioning and compression:

The fabric is cushioned in the high-impact regions thus giving you great comfort making the socks perfect for training. The compression is up to the bar. It maintains the blood flow and reduces swelling. You can wear these low-cut designed socks with your trainers and sneakers.

Ventilation and breathability:

The mesh ventilation allows the movement of air. This enhances breathability and keeps the foot cool and dry after a long day of running.

Arch support:

The arch support and compression are perfect for the stability and comfort provided. The compression in the targeted areas reduces the swelling. This is best to treat foot ailments.

Targeted compression for support & stability


  • Seamed toe for comfort
  • Breathability and stability 
  • Cushioning in the bottom
  • Heel tab and moisture wicking


  • Colorful back-tabs
  • Quality could be a little better

9. Hanes Lightweight Breathable Ventilation Ankle Socks:

Hanes Lightweight Breathable Ventilation Ankle Socks
Source: Amazon

Blended with 97% Polyester, 2% Spandex, and 1% Other FibersHanes women’s socks are lightweight comfortable socks. They provide amazing temperature reduction properties so far. It is achieved through the breathable mesh panel and the x-temp technology that maintains the temperature of the foot according to the body temperature.

The one area is stitched loosely however the arch and cuff are stitched densely for a secure fit. The arch support of the socks stays secure to the foot. The moisture is reduced ensuring no odor making it perfect for exercising. 

X temp technology:

The technology is used to maintain the temperature inside the shoe along with the proper ventilation and moisture-wicking. This ensures less odor and the growth of bacteria on the feet. It keeps the feet dry and comfortable for the whole day. 

Proper cushioning: 

Though the socks might seem very thin due to the breathable fabric, they still strive to ensure the maximum cushioning and padding to keep your foot comfortable for the whole day.

Stay secure:

The socks stay comfortably fit the foot. Without slipping even a little durable exercise. This makes them a good option for day-to-day use as well. Comes with arch support and is very comfortable.


  • Enough cushioning
  • Temperature maintaining quality
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Good ankle support
  • Quality fabric
  • Secure fit


  • Sizing issues for small feet
  • A little thin for winters 

10. Copper Plantar Fasciitis Running Ankle Socks:

Copper Plantar Fasciitis Running Ankle Socks
Source: Amazon

The heel pain caused due to plantar fasciitis is unbearable. Therefore these Copper Compression Socks come to the rescue. The compression and cushioning of the socks relieve heel pain. It is designed with an amazing low cut designed perfectly for running shoes.

The heel tab and Y-cut pocket keep your feet secure. However, the height is perfect for trainers and running shoes. Moreover, the heel tab prevents heel blisters formation making it perfect for use.

The fabric is blended with 85% Nylon; 10% Polyester; 5% Copper Fiber to show multiple functionalities at once.  The shrewdly stitched fabric doesn’t compromise on the quality. They are easy-to-wear go-to copper socks. These copper socks give moderate compression for improved blood circulation.

This reduces swelling and blister formation. It makes you run miles without stopping at any movement. 

Comfortable and secure fit:

The socks stay put on your feet and don’t slip off even a bit. Moreover the compression and supportive arch make you feel like walking on the clouds. 

All sports and seasons:

The socks fabric is blended skillfully such that it is not thick nor too thin. This makes it easy for you to wear them in any circumstance and weather condition. This is best for sports, hiking, jogging, marathons, and running. 

Half cushioning, and reinforced heel and toe:

The shoe comes with amazing cushioning distributed over the socks. Additionally, the reinforced heel and toe make it easier for you to move safely however you want.


  • Offers good value
  • Prevent blisters
  • great arch support
  • feel good to the skin
  • instant relief
  • secure fit


  • Can be large for small feet
  • Can shrink after washing

How to choose the best arch-support socks?

Arch support socks come with a reinforced weave in the arch. This is known as arch support. It takes care of your socks and provides a comfortable and secure fit. The arch support saves you from fatigued feet and medical conditions like Plantar Fascitis.

So, this time if you are going to look for the best arch support socks then there are a few things to consider. These points will help you determine the best socks for you. These important and basic points to consider are as follows:

Know your arch:

Everyone has different feet and arches i.e. medium arches, low arches, and high arches. To know your arch, dip your feet in the water, or watch your footprint in the sand. If you see a noticeable curve along the arch, then go for socks that snuggle your heel.

The high arch will show an imprint with only toes, heels, and balls visible. For such fear, arch-support socks with reinforced and cushioned heels are the best. However, if you don’t notice the middle curve on the imprint then you have flat feet. In such a case cushioned arch and heel support socks will be the perfect buy.

Pay attention to the fabric:

Fabric is the most important thing to note when buying arch-support socks. Merino wool is considered the best as it comes with itch-free fibers and is more comfortable and warm. Also, the moisture-wicking capacity is great. But they are expensive and dry slowly.

Synthetics like nylon and spandex are great for a secure fit and maintaining shape. While, polyester is a lot more comfortable, breathable, and soft. Synthetic fiber also adds durability however they are not preferred for hot environments by some users.

Cotton fabric is not recommended if you stay active for the whole day, or for a workout session. These days manufacturers use blends of fabric in socks. This enhances the properties of the fabric and balances the negatives. Thus, look for the fabric that fits your requirements.

Moisture-wicking properties:

Moisture is one of the basic issues. It results in irritation and embarrassment. The sweat in the shoes creates a damp environment for microbes and smells to develop. However, these days’ socks come with intelligent designs.

The plush fibers of the fabric along with the stitching design allow air movement within the shoes. This helps the sweat to evaporate from the top, leaving your feet dry for a long time. The better moisture-wicking socks are preferred for hiking, workout, athletics, and sports. It is recommended to look for the description and reviews to know what the socks exactly offer.

The right fit:

The main point is the right fit. If you fail to buy the exact fit for your feet then there is no point to look for arch support. Different brands offer different sizes. Measure your foot length in inches and check the chart available by the brand of the socks. this will let you choose the right fit for you according to your shoe size.

Go for the exact fit. Otherwise, tight socks will block blood circulation, causing discomfort or scars. While the loose socks will roll down your feet. And of course, you don’t want both. Therefore, pay attention.

The thickness of the socks:

If you want perfect socks then the thickness matters as well. If you have a high-volume foot then it is recommended to go for thinner socks. However, the thicker socks go perfectly with the low-volume socks.

Moreover, the temperature matters as well. Thick socks will feel warm in summer. But you can also find thick socks with enough breathability and moisture-wicking that deals with temperature rise. It all depends on your experience with socks.


I am glad you made it to the end of the article with me. so this round ups our list of recommended options for the best arch support socks. nothing is perfect in life however you can pick your near-to-perfection arch support sock here and I hope at this point your mind is not as vague as it might have been at the start of the article. 

Good luck with your purchase!

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