Is your mind struggling to find the answer to Should I put socks on baby with fever like me? You are watching your child struggling and are not sure what to do. Then this article contains all the information that can calm you down. 

While some doctors suggest not putting socks on because they believe, socks are capable of trapping the heat. Which can worsen the temperature. Some favor the contrasting opinion stating it can help absorb the sweat that comes along with the fever.

It can also be helpful in relieving the baby by keeping its feet warm. And thirdly, can prevent the exposure of legs to bacteria. Which can worsen the scene if the fever has resulted from a bacterial infection. 

However, there is no significant answer to this question. And it is utterly dependent on what makes your baby feel comfortable. If putting socks on can relieve the baby, don’t hesitate to do so. And if you notice your baby being cranky and stressing out. The best idea is to dismiss the thought the right way. 

As we move ahead with this article, we will discuss different concepts and theories and see what works best. All you have to do is keep reading 🙂 

Putting Wet Socks on Babies with Fever | A Wise Thought or an Invite to ill health: 

One of the most common practices carried out in almost every household through many years is putting on wet socks.

A damp towel, or a piece of cloth to tackle the high temperature. Well, you would be glad to know that our ancestors weren’t really wrong with this procedure. 

When you put wet socks on the baby, their internal body heat elevates in order to warm up their feet. This is in turn helpful in activating the immune system.

However, there is no scientific evidence for this treatment. But if it can relieve your baby, there’s no harm in trying.

The temperature is highly dependent and changes drastically with the surrounding factors. Do whatever you feel can calm your baby. 

You can also put a wet towel, or damp cloth on other parts of the body. Including the forehead and belly. However, make sure the cloth/ sock isn’t too cold.

If the dampness of the cloth is causing your baby to shiver, then drop the idea right away. Because shivering generates extra heat which is definitely not needed by the body in temperature. 

If I feel putting socks would make my baby comfortable, What would be the best time to Put them? 

The ideal time to put socks on babies with fever is when you realize their temperature is beginning to rise. In order to avoid letting your baby be too cold or too hot, checking their temperature is essential.

There are multiple ways to do that. Their body temperature would serve as the right guidance towards their dressing and further treatment steps to be taken. There are multiple ways of checking your baby’s temperature. By using a digital thermometer orally, rectally, or by placing it in the armpit.

According to the “American Academy of Pediatrics”, The best method to take babies’ and toddlers’ temperature is through rectal means. They believe not only is this method accurate. But is also tested for providing quick readings of the exact baby’s internal temperature. 

When you get the temperature readings in hand. Now is the time to see if their temperature is mild or too high. Based on the readings, decide your next step. It’s recommended to put socks on babies with low to mild fever. As they can be helpful in regulating the body’s temperature and preventing the fever to rise quickly. 

Once you put socks on your baby, be extra cautious and regularly monitor their temperature. If you feel the temperature is still rising and socks aren’t helping take them off.

Additionally, you should also take care not to put woolen, extra warm, too tight, or non-breathable socks on the baby. Try putting on cotton socks that are comfortable, lighter, and breathable. 

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Should I put socks on baby with fever all night?

As stated in the above paragraph, the temperature isn’t constant. It comes and goes. Where at one point it is recommended to put socks on your baby. On the counter side, putting them throughout the night is not a good recommendation. 

Putting socks throughout the night could overheat the baby and make them more uncomfortable. The best you can do is to keep their feet uncovered.

Or if the baby is getting chills, try to cover their feet with a light blanket to keep them warm. Keep monitoring the temperature and change your treatment strategy accordingly for quick relief. 

Does wearing socks to the baby while sleeping disturb blood circulation? 

Sleeping with socks on comes with benefits and risks. And this is a conflict we don’t see ending unless we get some strong scientific proof. Additionally, its effect changes from person to person depending on age, location, and environment. 

I personally enjoy wearing socks to sleep. It helps me sleep better because I have seen my feet catching a cold faster than other body parts. Also rather than putting my full efforts to warm up my feet through the blanket and be uncomfortable.

Socks give me the much-needed heat I seek while not wearing them. However, in the same house, my mother feels uncomfortable while putting socks to sleep. And maybe that’s the reason why you would always find content supporting wearing socks to sleep. And content not supporting wearing socks to sleep. 

Understanding Body’s Core Temperature Regulation:

The human body’s core temperature is regulated by its extremities ( hands and feet). It is done so by the body releasing the extra heat through its extremities.

When it’s hot outside it keeps the body cool and prevents it from overheating and catching heat through the extremities. When it’s cold outside normalizes the core temperature. 

As far as blood circulation is concerned, wearing too tight, restrictive, or compression socks to sleep can restrict blood flow. If the socks you put on the baby are creating red marks.

Or compress their feet rather than making the baby feel cozy and warm. It can lead to serious medical conditions including deep vein thrombosis. 

On the counter side. Putting on socks that are lighter, moisture-wicking, and of the right fit can make your baby more comfortable. Especially when the surrounding temperature is cold. If your baby has a fever and is sleeping.

Put on socks gently and try not to wake them up. But also keep a frequent check on their temperature. And take off the socks when you feel it’s overheating the baby. 

Overheating in fever can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and none of us want to see it coming. 

Although there is no definitive answer to the question. “Should I put socks on baby with fever”? Below are some of the reasons why putting them on to babies is not recommended. 

1: Maximum Chances of Heat Retention: 

All socks whether cotton, woolen, nylon, or other materials you could think of are designed to keep your feet warm. All of them contain materials that retain heat. Although there are some moisture-wicking socks available in the market, they would still warm up the feet. 

When your baby is suffering from a fever, exposing them to extra heat could rise the temperature. This can worsen your baby’s condition. The American Academy of Pediatrics also advises not to put socks on a baby with a fever.

As per them, the best practice is to regularly monitor your baby’s temperature and dress accordingly. Lukewarm baths, and putting damp clothes on the forehead and on feet are some of the recommended ways to reduce the temperature.

2: Skin Irritation: 

Not all, but the skin of some babies is prone to fabrics. You might have noticed some babies who are quick to get rashes on their bodies. Putting socks on such a baby with a fever could make the baby more uncomfortable.

And you would definitely be in the mood to call for rashes or other skin infections. Especially, when you are already searching for ways to calm your little one. 


Hope this article helped you in finding out the best possible answers to your question “Should I put socks on baby with fever”. Our final thought would be to do whatever you feel makes your baby feel comfortable.

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Keep in mind that fever is not always bad and it itself isn’t a disease. It’s the body’s natural way of fighting an infection. However, if the temperature rises above 102 degrees Fahrenheit, contact your doctor immediately. 

Doctors are idealists who can tell you the best treatment strategies with the right knowledge. They can share information they have gained from encountering multiple patients and their research.

However, if you are unable to reach them, following what is mentioned in the article above might help you. 

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