Searching and aspiring for some valuable suggestions regarding the athletic quarter socks? Well then get along with us. Quarter athletic socks go up from your shoe, covering your ankle and touching the shin. Designed with high-quality fabric athletic quarter socks are made for the protection of the foot. They come with different features preventing you from potential harm due to rigorous exercise. Come a little or thicker than your casual socks and this is because of the obvious reason that they have to stand the impact of athletic sports.

“Step up your sock game with arch support – fashion meets function for happy feet.”

Blisters may result due to the constant rubbing of the foot against the shoe because of athletic activities. No matter how much comfortable your shoes are, you need to pair them up with socks cushioned and accommodating to avoid low sports performance. These socks will enhance the level of your comfort and make you feel like walking on a cloud. It will also save you from unwanted irritability, foot fatigue, and other harm.

Athletic quarter socks come with different features, fabrics, and designs. And of course, there is a price to pay. In this article, we have jotted down a list of the best athletic quarter socks for men and women. In the end, there is a buying guide to help you choose the best socks for your next outdoor sport. These socks may have different features depending on what is required out of them. So, it is recommended to determine your actual need beforehand.

Why Choose Quarter Socks for Athletics? 

Athletic sports include outdoor activities like hiking, running, jogging, climbing, skiing, cycling, and more. All these sports create pressure on the foot. Since all quarter socks go above the ankle, they can help to  

  • Protect from blisters formation, specifically in the Achilles of the foot.
  • Resistant against holes development in the pressure zones. 
  • Keeps the foot from fatigue via cushioning and padding

Now that we know, why are they a necessary purchase, let’s head to the list. 

List of Top 10 Best athletic quarter socks

Athletic Quater socks come in different varieties offered by different brands which is why it takes a struggle to choose the best. Below is our list of the best products that we have evaluated on the basis of their comfort level, the right amount of arch compression, breathability, moisture resistance, and affordability. 

1. AKOENY Ankle Socks:

AKOENY Ankle Socks
Source: Amazon

Made to stand out, Akoeny is our first pick for the list. The use of spandex in these quarter-length socks allows them to mold to the shape of your feet for a secure fit. They are thicker and provide enough support around the ankle. They keep the foot in the comfortable snug all day long. These socks are perfect for someone planning long-distance travel. They are really good-fitting socks best for hiking and running. 

Moreover, the socks maintain their shape even after washing. They are a perfect fit, not loose, not tight with the right amount of thickness. They are suitable for all athletic sports including walking, running, cycling hiking, etc. They are also supported with compression in the arch that keeps the feet in place and minimizes foot fatigue.

The construction of the socks is really sturdy with nicely knitted fabric. Moreover, the cushioning in the socks is just right for sustained athletics throughout the day. They are designed to absorb the shock thus keeping your feet away from the risk of getting fatigued. You can go out running and stay active with these socks on the foot. 

Quick Features To Know: 

There are multiple additional features to the money athletic quarter socks including.

Dry and comfortable wear:

The fabric of the socks is knitted in mesh form allowing air ventilation across the foot. This keeps the moisture away due to air movement and keeps the foot dry for a long time. It also maintains the temperature of the foot and doesn’t make your feet feel hot and uncomfortable. 

Thick cushioning and reinforced toe:

The thick cushioning in the bottom reduces the pressure and ensures shock absorption. Moreover, the, reinforced heel and toe not only increase the stability but also add up to the durability of the socks. Both of these qualities make these quarter socks fine for athletics sports.

Stay secure:

The spandex material used in the socks allows them to stay secure on the foot. The elastic ripstop on the foot keeps it secure in place. These socks do not slip off the feet and do not cause discomfort. 


  • Use of durable fabric
  • Secure the fit and ribbed cuff
  • Reinforced toe and heel for durability.
  • Enough cushioning in the bottom of the foot
  • Enhance breathability
  • Moisture-wicking and ribbed top


  • No clear mention of odor resistance 

2. CelerSport Ankle Socks:

CelerSport Ankle Socks
Source: Amazon

For anyone looking for general sports or running socks, these can be a good buy. They are a budget option with quality features for the price. Celer Sport Ankle Socks feature high-density knitting and quality comfort. These socks are one of the comfiest socks for athletic sports. This is ensured via reinforced ankles and cushioning in high-impact foot regions. Both the reinforced ankles and cushioned heels enhance stability and keep you moving forward with great comfort.

These athletic socks are padded around the ankle to prevent blisters due to friction of the shoe. The socks are made with a combination of Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex. This increases the ability of the fabric to enhance moisture absorption. The fabric material is fine and the socks are lightweight. Although these socks are not very stylish still for functionality they’re unmatched.

Quick Features To Know: 

Additional features Celer Sport ankle socks offers are

Heat Dissipation capability:

Athletic sports take long hours of training and result in excessive sweat even in the foot. To deal with this they are featured with moisture-wicking technology. This consists of the ventilation mesh designed over the foot. The breathable fabric also takes part in heat dissipation. The fabric wicks moisture away from the body and keeps your feet dry and odor-free for a long time.

Friction & Shock Protection: 

The socks are made to fit the feet. This restricts foot movement and prevents blister formation. In addition to this, the toes are made with a seamless design. While the cushion in the bottom region reduces the pressure on the foot to keep you always ready to move. They are perfect for running, walking, playing with all kinds of balls, and outside and inside activities.

The arch of the foot uses compression.

With a compression band in the arch, they are designed to mold to your feet to provide a comfortable snug. This keeps the socks in place and they do not roll down your ankle during rigorous movement. The seamless toe is designed to minimize the friction between the foot and the shoe. This increases stability and fit. Whereas, the elastic cuff tab makes sure that your socks never slide your feet due to casual athletics.


  • Very comfortable and great design
  • Nice padding in the bottoms
  • Seamless toe prevents blisters
  • They have a non-slip design
  • Support in the heel reduces the impact


  • A little thin material
  • It may be tight for some users

3. COOVAN Ankle Socks:

COOVAN Ankle Socks
Source: Amazon

COOVAN Ankle Socks are one of the best picks with the right amount of thickness and are suitable for all seasons. The construction of the socks is really good and keeps the foot in a comfortable dry fit. A true budget option with many perks to count. They are ideal for the level of comfort they provide. 

They hug the foot really well. Whereas, the reinforced heel and toe increase the durability and reduce the friction of the socks. The additional arch support prevents your foot from fatiguing in combination with breathable fabric, this is perfect for sports and activities. The socks are lightweight and have the right amount of cushioning. Allows moisture wicking to ensure comfortable and cool feet. 

They are good at maintaining their shape after rough use and several wash trials. The reinforced heel increases the durability. These socks come in pairs of Ten making them a budget option. They are very soft and comfortable when worn and feel so good on the skin. 

Quick Features To Know: 

COOVAN Ankle Socks can be a happy buy because they are

Prone to Holes :

Athletic socks are prone to wear out early. They do not tend to develop holes in the heel and toe region. This increases the strength of these socks and prevents them from wearing out 

Arch support:

Athletic socks are designed with arch support. It refers to the additional cushioning in the arch of the athletic quarter socks. It provides stability to the foot and keeps the foot relaxed even in intensive sports like running. Moreover, it keeps the foot away from harm. 

Best Budget Option: 

As mentioned earlier the socks are a budget option. They come in pairs of 10. Each one with the original features and design. This saves you from spending money for a long time. And also go a bit easy on your budget.


  • Comfortable for athletics
  • Moisture control keeps feet dry
  • The cushioning is just right for the foot
  • They stay secure on the foot
  • It is a budget-friendly purchase


  • Wear due to excessive use
  • A little thick for summer

4. Dickies Mens Dri-tech Athletic Socks:

Dickies Mens Dri-tech Athletic socks
Source: Amazon

Most of the athletic socks labeled with high price tags don’t have to offer much but Dickiesmens Dri-tech is one of the best bargains you can make. They are thick, well-made, quality socks perfect for athletics. They’re very much affordable and durable at the same time. While its other features including cushioned bottom, arch support, and moisture-wicking make them a good choice as the best athletic quarter socks especially if you have sweaty feet.

With spandex blended fabric they mold to the foot allowing freedom for movement of the foot. The cushioned foot provides great comfort while walking along the track. Whereas the reinforced heel and toe enhance stability. It also reduces the friction between the foot and the shoe. Thus, avoid blisters formation. The arch compression keeps restricting the foot movement.  It also provides a comfortable yet not tight hug to your foot. Also, the ventilation channel in the socks allows enough air movement The fit is amazing and supportive due to the arch compression in the foot region.

Quick Features To Know: 

Dickiesmens Dri-tech socks are good at 

Increased Durability:

The socks are reinforced in the heel and toe. This makes them last a little longer than regular socks. This is one of the most durable socks you will ever buy. Reinforcement also plays a role in washing. 

Enhanced Air Flow Ventilation Channels:

The blended material of the fabric consists of 70 percent cotton. This helps in moisture-wicking and odor control. The fabric fibers wick away all the moisture. Thus it keeps the feet cool and dry for a long time. 

Added Support and an Improved Fit

With the rightly added arch compression in the pressure zones, you just go bad with your extensive activities. Run while keeping all your pain fears aside with added support and improved fit. 


  • Doesn’t slip off the foot and are comfortable to wear
  • Reinforcement in the foot prevents holes 
  • Prevent blisters formation
  • Arch compression for added support
  • Proper ventilation ensures breathability


  • Requires a little extra time to be cleaned
  • Are a little hot for the summer season

5. New Balance Athletic Arch Compression Socks:

New Balance Athletic Arch Compression Socks
Source: Amazon

Most people like to have compression in the arch region. For them, this is the perfect choice with stretchy arch compression. This provides stability to the foot and molds the shape of the foot. It enhances the movement.  Moreover, the socks are featured with reinforced high-wear regions. This prevents hole development due to friction caused by intensive movement. 

New Balance quarter-length athletic socks are made with the right amount of thickness and enhanced breathability. They’re lightweight. They are perfect for all the athletics sports. Easy to clean and maintain. These socks do not roll down the foot. Have a compression band in the arch region that provides a secure fit. Along with the secure fit, it enhances the stability of the foot reducing pain and fatigue.

Quick Features To Know: 

New balance athletic socks have 

Air Promoting sock design:

This involves the designing of the fabric of the sock. It promotes air movement and moisture wicking giving you dry feet. Makes no room for the sock tan to develop. 

Easy to maintain:

These socks are easy to put on and easy to clean. They do not require strict handwashing practices. Also stays fresh as new at frequent washes which is why they provide quality for the price.

Stay secure:

The athletic quarter socks stay put on the feet. They do not roll down or slip off while walking or in movement. This has been made possible with compression in the key areas of pressure putting. 


  • Great comfort level
  • Feel good to the skin
  • Quality for the price
  • The right amount of the compression 
  • No more sock tan development


  • A bit shorter than most quarter socks

6. Cooplus Athletic Cushioned Ankle Socks:

Cooplus Athletic Cushioned Ankle Socks
Source: Amazon

For anyone paying attention to the moisture-wicking capability, the Cooplus Ankle Socks are a great choice. They are best for sweaty feet. This is made possible due to their mesh ventilation system.  This keeps the feet dry for a long time even after intense sports. They will not get soggy for hours.

 Moreover, The arch support and cushioning in the sole region are perfect for athletic feet. As it keeps the pressure in the foot distributed. The foot will not get fatigued from staying active. There is an elastic compression band in the arch of the foot that allows the socks to stay put on the foot. thus, they will not roll down your feet and you can freely move without hesitation.

Quick Features To Know: 

Cooplus ankle socks are a perfect buy because they have 

Arch support and cushioned sole:

Arch support gives stability to your foot while the cushioned foot absorbs the shock impact. Both of these features combine to enhance the functionality of these ankle socks. Additionally, the socks are Reinforced in high-stress areas including the heel and the ball of the foot for enhanced durability. It avoids the wearing of the soles of the socks even after tough use

Offered in multiple colorways.

These socks come in 6 pairs with multiple colors and designs. So you get a lot of color choices to choose your favorite from.

3D Y-heel design: 

These socks are equipped with innovative 3D-printed heels. The cuff forms a y shape that is easy to slide the foot in. Moreover, tab cuffs at the back prevent them from slipping down.  The socks stay put on the foot and still don’t cause discomfort.


  • Air ventilation zones enhanced breathability
  • Maximum durability
  • Cushioned and soft
  • Maintain heat evenly
  • Prevent blisters formation
  • Nonslip design


  • Not really good at odor resistance

7. SEOULSTORY7 Full Cushion Hiking Socks:

SEOULSTORY7 Full Cushion Hiking Socks
Source: Amazon

Useful for sports and athletic activities, Seoulstory socks deserve a chance. The construction is really good consisting of high-density fiber and arch support. It reduces the rubbing of the shoe against the foot to keep the feet away from getting blisters. Moreover, due to the slight compression on the arch of the foot, they stay secure to the foot and protect you from foot fatigue. 

They are very well padded for an extra amount of comfort to keep you active throughout the day. These socks are specifically designed for the winter season. Since they keep the feet dry.  You can wear them in a bit of snow. They come with a compression top, which keeps them in place and saves you from having to readjust your socks under layers of winter clothing.

They are also very well padded and can stance long journeys in snow. They reduce fatigue and pain in the foot due to long travel. Though they are a little short than hiking socks still they can serve you better. The 20% Spandex of the socks allows these quarter socks to mold to the foot. while the proper cushioning and padding make them effective on socks long run. 

Quick Features to Know: 

 Seoulstory socks are 

Ideal for outdoor games:

These are specifically designed for sports activities specifically hiking, trekking, snowboarding, and camping. They stick to the foot and provide protection against the outside changing weather. And the inside moisture development.


They are comfortably cushioned to reduce the impact of walking and sports activities. The foot in these socks stays comfortable for a long time.

Additional features:

The quality construction along with the nice amount of stretch of the socks is just amazing. they keep the feet dry. Stay secure to the foot and are really easy to put on.


  • A great pick for cold weather
  • Reduces and prevents blister formation
  • No more sweaty feet 
  • The foot feels stable in them 
  • Are easy to put on


  • The seamed toe may feel uncomfortable

8. Athletic Running Hiking Cushion Quarter Socks:

8. Athletic Running Hiking Cushion Quarter Socks
Source: Amazon

Make yourself comfortable with these stretchy and lightweight ankle quarter socks. Its fabric is blended with high-quality material for a great level of comfort on the go. The socks are good for sports, running, and walking activities. The thickness of the socks is more than your casual socks and is comfortable enough. The breathable mesh ventilation allows air movement to reduce moisture and odor.

The ankle cuffs are just perfect for a secure fit. They are tight but not too tight to be uncomfortable. The socks keep the foot cushioned and secured. These socks do not lose shape. Moreover, you can wear them for your casual activities as well.

Quick Features to Know:

Athletic Running ankle socks are a good buy because they have

All-purpose style:

The socks come with beautiful patterns and multiple colors. They are perfect for both inside and outside use. You can wear them at home and outside as well. Perfect for athletic activity. 

Arch support in key zones: 

The elastic arch support on the socks reduces foot fatigue. Moreover, there is a little compression in the arch region which provides stability and doesn’t let the socks bunch or slip over. Made with blended fabric and appropriate thickness for all seasons. Reliable fit.

Mesh Ventilation: 

They are very breathable. With moisture-wicking technology that absorbs all the moisture from the foot right away. This keeps your foot dried for a longer run. It also helps with no odor development. 


  • Enhanced breathability via moisture wicking
  • Cushioned foot bottom to keep you moving forward
  • Nice comfortable feel in the bottom
  • Secure fit don’t let socks bunch 
  • Durable after frequent washes


  • Fewer features in consideration of the price

9. U&i Cushion Cotton Athletic Quarter Crew Socks:

U&i Cushion Cotton Athletic Quarter Crew Socks
Source: Amazon

 Made with intelligently blended fabric, these athletic quarter socks are perfect for all types of outdoor sports. They are easy to put on. The stretch and comfort level of the socks is unmatched. Whereas the cotton blended fibers provide protection against blisters and sweat along with enough comfort. The spandex allows a comfortable fit and movement of the fit. They never slip or roll down the foot. while the cushions in the heel prevent chafing and rubbing.

These socks reduced the chances of foot fatigue. Moreover, the arch support provides stability to the foot. the arch support provides ease and minimizes pain. The arch support is reinforced as well for comfort and durability. You can not only use these socks for athletic sports but for daily use as well. The construction is very well done and the fit is really good.

Quick Features to Know:

Give these socks a try because they are equipped with

Moisture-wicking technology:

The mesh is breathable and allows air ventilation. This improves moisture absorption and reduces blisters formation. This also controls the odor production

Durability and arch support: 

The socks have arch support to support your feet while walking down a rough track. While the knitting construction of the fabric ensures maximum durability of the socks.

Cushioning and thickness: 

The socks come with a good amount of cushioning and foot support. The appropriately thickened sole of the socks keeps the feet comfortable for long.


  • Has enhanced durability
  • Are good at Moisture wicking
  • Has rightly added Arch support
  • All-purpose use socks 
  • Anti blisters fabric
  • Well-made construction of the socks


  • Pretty basic for athletic socks 

10. Rockay Flare Arch Support Running Socks:

10. Rockay Flare Arch Support Running Socks
Source: Amazon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have socks 100% eco-friendly? Rocky Flare running socks are made from recycled ocean waste. This is an attractive feature for environment-cautious people. While talking about the features, these socks are breathable and cushioned rightly. They keep the feet cool and dry in the shoes for a long. Along with anti-odor property that not only reduces the odor but makes your feet smell like the sea.

They are lightweight and breathable which makes them a good choice for the hot season. Also, the fabric is flatly stitched for increased comfort. The cushioned toe and heel resist wear and remain durable for a long. With a small compression on the foot, these socks snug really well and remain secure to the foot.

Quick Features to Know: 

Rocky Flare Running socks are good at 

Anti-odor Fabric:

These athletic quarter socks are made with a fabric called polygiene. This fabric is specialized to reduce odor. It also is anti-bacterial. Thus these additional features also make it a good choice on the go.

Eco friendly:

Made with 100% recyclable material these socks are a great buy for someone interested in environmental issues. However, this is not the only feature. The functionality of these Rockay socks in terms of moisture-wicking, foot support, breathability, anti-odor, and antibacterial properties is second to none.

Seamless toe and cushioning:

Athletic socks need to be durable enough. The following socks are designed seamlessly to reduce friction. The friction can result in blisters and discomfort. Along with this, the cushioning is just right for the foot to keep you on the go.


  • Comes with Seamless Toes
  • Has Comfortable inside cushioning
  • They have a reflective log
  • Breathable Mesh Zones
  • Anti-odor fabric makes it a good choice
  • Eco-friendly material deserves 5 stars


  • They are Expensive
  • They are small for large foot

Buying guide – Why Buy Best Athletic Quarter socks

.Socks come in different varieties, fabrics, and features. You may not be aware of the material or the function that fabric has to play. Therefore it is very important for you to determine what works best for you. here is a buying guide to help you.

Sock Fabric- Cotton vs Others

The best athletic quarter socks come with good quality fabric. The fabric plays an important role in determining the function of the socks. The fiber used, stitching, and weaving play a pivotal role in this. Let’s say for example cotton which is one of the popular fabrics of clothes loses its properties when it comes to socks. You should always try to avoid cotton socks specifically if you have sweaty feet. this is because the cotton absorbs too much moisture and tends to become soggy. However, the blend of cotton with other fibers balances out all the odds. It also enhances the features of cotton fiber and can be a fine choice. Moreover, knitted fabric with high-density knitting is strong and durable. Such socks are perfect for hiking activities.

Merino wool is a soft, itch-free fabric. It keeps the feet dry for a longer time and is better for sweaty feet. it also maintains the temperature of the foot for a long time but unfortunately, they come very expensively.

Synthetic fiber enhances the durability, comfort, and cushioning of the socks. nylon and acrylic is great synthetic fiber usually used in the blend. 

Ingeo most of the time is confused with polyester. However, it is made from renewable resources i.e. corn-based polylactic fiber is renewable and controls both moisture and odor very efficiently. Not only this it also is ecofriendly.

Natural fibers have properties of their own. Since it consists of a combination of cotton and wool fabric it enhances the properties of the cotton and balances out the odds.

Sock Features- The Ultimate Innovative Solutions

The fabric is not only the lone feature to be noticed if you are out looking for the best athletic quarter socks. The design and knitting of the socks also have to do a lot with the protection of the foot. The additional features are actually innovative solutions for foot fatigue and harm.

For example, an added ankle tab prevents ankle blisters due to the rubbing of the shoe. Socks are designed seamlessly so that the seam doesn’t cause discomfort. There are different feet and you may be choosing the one that feels perfect for you. some may be looking for comfort while others may find protection important. 

Different Levels of Sock Comfort


The fabric of the socks must be itch-free. Moreover, it should not contain dyes to incite allergies. Some fabrics can be rough and can result in blisters. The more skin-friendly the athletic quarter socks are the best performance you will give in your sports.


Padding keeps the feet safe from the friction of the shoe and socks preventing blisters on the foot. the padding may vary from sock to sock. It should not be too thick if you live in a warm region and not too thin if you live in cold. However, a little warmth is important as it will feel more comfortable. More padding results in an amazing feel, more comfort, and security.


The heel and balls of the foot are pressure points or impact regions. They feel the pressure of the whole foot. If not supported you may feel pain and fatigue in these areas therefore, the athletic quarter socks come with cushioning in the bottom or in the ankle.

This not only supports the foot to enhance comfort but also avoids blisters formation. The more cushioned your socks will be the more resistant they will be to the impact.

Seamless toes:

Seams in the toe sometimes may cause discomfort and blisters. This is because they rub against the foot. therefore you should always look for athletic quarter socks with seamless toes.


Rigorous activities trigger sweat glands. The sweat can be discomfort, resulting in itching, and can give rise to microbial formation. This sometimes leads to an athlete’s foot or other fungal or microbial infection.

Therefore, most athletic socks are designed to facilitate moisture absorption through mesh ventilation or the use of breathable fabric. This allows air movement inside the shoe and absorption of the sweat from the top of the socks thus keeping the foot dry. Almost, all athletic quarter socks come with this feature.

Odor control:

The sweat and dampness of the socks result in odor formation. The breathable and dry fabric of athletic quarter socks reduces the chances of odor development. The socks you will buy next time should be labeled with odor control. Otherwise, think twice.


Oh..! paid the price, and selected the best socks but what if they don’t fit? Socks are meant to fit. Therefore, measure your foot length in inches. And then pay attention to the size chart mentioned in the cost. Hopefully, you’ll find a good fit for your feet.


You would not want your socks to wear out in two days or develop holes. Therefore, first, look at the weaves and knit design. Then go for the review and determine which socks work for you. The durable socks that last longer will be the best value for your price paid.


Athletics sports like hiking, running marathons, cycling, etc are strenuous sports. These sports require socks that soak all the sweat, stance all the pressure and impact, remain durable for long and fall easy on the purse.  The best athletic quarter socks mentioned here consist of all these qualities. However, the choice is based on your requirement and the sports you play. We hope that you make a wise purchase.

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